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What is Free Forex Robot Service?

It is very good news for all of you we are offering our  new free forex Auto Trading Robotic Trade service. in this service you can use our Paid Forex Robot. with this Auto Trading Robot you can make 20% to 25% profit every month. 

1- We are offering to use our Auto Robot Software free of charge and you no need to do anything no need to pay any fee. its totally free for new Subscribers.
2- Also You no need to BUY any VPS service. we provide you our VPS service too.

3- How to get this Service?

Open new account with our Link that are given below.

4- How much Deposit Required?
For Our Auto Trading System Minimum Deposit Required = 300$ , 500$ or Higher.

5- When you create Account Deposit Fund into your Trading account and  Send us your Trading Account Info Send the Email to: or Contact us on Skype: Fxtradewar

6- We will Confirm your Registered Trading Account number under our IB. we will Contact you with in 24 Hours.

7- After successfully Provide Required information of your Trading Account. Now you are ready to use our Service we Run Our Forex Auto Trading System on your Account on our VPS if you have Your Personal VPS then you Can Run it on there too.

if you have already account on XM or FBS Broker please Contact us we will guide you how you can use our service and what you need to do.

For more information please feel free to Contact us : 
Skype : Fxtradewar
Email :


Please note after 1 month use free service. Charges may apply for renew subscription. the subscription charges are  only 20$ for our VPS Cost. 

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