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Binary Option Auto Trading Robot works on IQoption Broker. The Robot is Connected with Meta Trader4 and IQoption Platform.
There is a Indicator work attached with mt4 chart that Generate signals based on the market condition and send data to the Auto robot software.

We Added more than 15 Strategy base Conditions in indicator for market trend prediction. The Indicator Developed with different Strategic Conditions such as ( Moving Average,RSI, Bollinger Band,Volume,Candle Pattern, Fibonacci, Highest & Lowset Breakout) and many other strategies for better indication result.

When there is any signal generated then Robot take feed to from the indicator and Perform Quickly on iqoption platform.
it is fully automated trading robot. we guaranteed of our indicator it is 100% no Repaint Indicator. some indicators generate signals and they can change generated signal price level any time. but our indicator doesn't change its price levels.

Binary Option Robot can win more than 5 ITM Trades in Row. sometime it randomly win/loss trades. but overall profitable. The Win Ratio is not fix it depend on market condition. some time market move slow some time fast and it doesn't follow indicator conditions. 

Some of Our Robot Features:

  1. Action on MT4 Signal = The open (PUT or CALL) Based on the Indicator Signals.
  2. Same Direction = it means Robot take PUT or CALL on the Trend direction (For Example > if indicator gives a PUT signal then Robot Open a PUT Order. if Indicator generated a CALL Signal then Robot Open a CALL Order.
  3. Opposite Direction Ordering = Opposite Direction is a Extra Option for traders. if you want to open opposite orders with robot such as if there is a PUT Signal Generated then Robot take a CALL Order. if there is CALL Signal then Robot take a PUT Order. if you want to use this feature then you can use. it is profitable too. but you need to change some settings in indicator. that we guide you after purchase the robot.
  4. Random Change Directions = With this feature you robot open PUT or CALl Randomly based on signal. for example if there is a PUT  but Robot decide by itself which direction need to open order base on the random function. (3# and 4# both Features are Optional).if you don't want to use these feature then no problem with robot. But you can Test these functions too.
  5. Fix Order Size = if Trader want to use Fix Amount for Each Order then you can Enable this Option. if you Unchecked This option then Robot use Auto Lot sizes from LotSizes List.
  6. Allow CALL = it means you want to Allow CALL orders to the robot on Indicator CALL Signals. if you Unchecked  this Option The doesn't Open any CALL Order.
  7. Allow PUT = it means you want to Allow PUT Orders to the robot on Indicator PUT Signals. if you Unchecked this Option then robot doesn't open any PUT Order.
  8. 6# and 7# Feature of our Robot is an extra option for traders. if trader want to allow only single side orders with robot then you can use these two Options. 
  9. Currency Pairs List = You Have a feature in robot you can add your favorite Currency Pairs in List. You can add and Remove Currency Pairs names in Currency_List.txt  File.
  10. Win Trades & Loss Trades = Robot Show you all Win's & Loss Trades number. when the robot open any order for 60 second then after 90 seconds robot check the status of closed trade that it was opened last time and show weather.
  11. Change Direction After Wins = This is an extra feature there is a value (3 or 5) it means if Robot Win Continuously 3 or 5 trades then it change Next Order Direction. so in next indication if signal is CALL then robot open opposite direction order on that signals. because some time market doesn't follow market conditions and after some win trades possible to generate a Wrong Signal. that's. so if you want to use this feature then you can use it too. otherwise you can leave it as default. or you can increase win numbers. 
  12. Custom Martingale Order Amount List = We added a Feature Custom Martingale or Custom Orders Amount Sizes in a List. there is a list of Order sizes. you can add or Remove or modify Order Amount sizes in LotSizes.txt file.
    such as 1,3,8,18,40,91 or 2,4,6,8,10. if Robot win any order then it automatically reset Order size in IqOption Platform. and in next signal it again open Order with First number order size that is in the list. otherwise if it loose first trade then it increase lot size and move on second order size on list.

Requirements = 
Recommended Broker = IQOPTION
Account Balance = We Recommend 1000, or 2000$  High Account Balance is much better.
Trade Expiry Time = 60 Second in Binary ( Please not robot doesn't work on other iqoption markets such as Classic, Forex, Crypto).

Demo or Real Account of any Forex Broker ( You must Have a Meta Trader 4 Installed in your Computer if you have not then we can provide that too. it is required for the Robot Activation and for the Indication software.

Robot works in Window 7 and Higher version of Microsoft window 8 and it work only in Computer or Laptop systems. Robot doesn't work on VPS Service Properly 

The Robot Price 100$

if you want to buy the robot please follow given below payment methods. after Confirm you payment we will send you the robot setup on your email or Skype as you want to get. and we will contact you for Session guide via Teamviewer. and we guide you everything about the robot. and we help you to make proper settings.

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For More information please do not hesitate feel free to contact us.
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What's app: +92345667314

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